Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chip Shop

Down off the F-line in Park Slope, Brooklyn (where I currently live) lurks a fantastic little English restaurant called The Chip Shop. When Paul arrived here back in August 2005, he searched Menupages for a place to get his Bangers & Mash on, and voila, a few blocks away was the real deal.

Chip Shop is a restaurant we frequent a lot: at least once every two weeks. Because this is the case, we usually mix up our menu choices, but since last night may very well be our last English meal (for a while) we went for our faves. This first pic is of a slice of fried pizza... Yes, frightening. Yes, you should probably avoid if you are on a diet. But yes, amazingly good.

And to the right are our staples. Paul got Fish & Chips, and I got "Vegetable Mac" which is a Shepherd's Pie, except instead of the beef, there's squash, zucchini, and mushrooms, and instead of potatoes, there's mac and cheese. It may sound complicated, but it is my favorite thing on the menu. The pizza slice seemed extra large, so Paul sadly decided to skip dessert (he usually gets a fried Mars Bar or a Fried Banana in Chocolate Sauce).

Yesterday, the Chip Shop also had a surprise for us. Half the restaurant was missing! Somehow they managed to close off the entire bar side, put up a new wall, and you'd never know the difference. Our waitress confessed it "was only busy on the weekends" - when we usually go - but oh well, the food is still "chuffing lovely".

I know there are English restaurants in Manhattan, but it's a 20-minute subway ride to Park Slope, and the food is eclectic and delicious, and there are also plenty of vegetarian and Indian touches on the menu. Chip Shop also imports plenty of beverages, from soft drinks (Ribena, Lilt) and ales (Monty Python's Holy Ale anyone?), so it is worth the trip. It's just so cozy and lovely, that it is pretty obvious why it is a local favorite.

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