Saturday, February 10, 2007

Luzzo's Pizzeria

Last night, Paul and I ate at our favorite pizzeria in NYC (and possibly the world), Luzzo's Pizzeria.

About a year ago, while I was still living in Manhattan, Paul and I and my roommate, Brooke, were planning on grabbing lunch from Crooked Tree Creperie down on St. Mark's Place, but arrived to find it closed for renovations. We stared at the boarded up creperie as our stomachs growled, when a thunderstorm broke out. Crap! We dashed back up First Avenue towards my 14th Street apartment, but between the sheets of rain we saw a little glimmer of hope between 12th and 13th: was that an Italian place?

Since then, Luzzo's has become a fast favorite. As the staff let us know that first soggy day, they import fresh bufala mozzarella for their pizza from Italy (as well as a wine and beer selection). It is also only one of six coal-oven pizzerias in Manhattan, the other five of which I know nothing beyond their alleged existence.

Luzzo's is a sit-down restaurant, so it is not ideal for grabbing a slice, and they have 12- and 15-inch options depending on how many people want in on your pie. Additionally, it gets packed at dinner-time, so the best time to go is a little early. We were there before 6:00 last night, and had breathing space for the majority of our meal. And if you really hate pizza, they have pasta, salads, and other delicious Italian entrees. While living in Manhattan, they also provided a speedy delivery service, but alas, those days are behind me.

If you are in the Union Square area, Luzzo's is the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful meal.

Check out our dinner from last night:

Mmmm.. roasted peppers, onions, and bufala mozzarella. Paul says the sausage at Luzzo's is "just as good as the pepperoni", which is Paul-Speak for "little morsels of heaven".

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